What is a Rotary Tool Used For?

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We all love a comprehensive tool that offers plenty of fantastic features when it comes to DIY projects. That is why rotary tools are so popular among people who work with wood and metal. Woodcarving, cutting, and sanding are made easy when you have a rotary tool in your hand.

What is a Rotary Tool?

Rotary tools are power tools that are handheld. They provide a rotary tip and that can use several attachments. These attachments make it possible for the user to complete a variety of different tasks. A rotary tool is much more appealing than many other tools because of its smaller size and greater versatility. In addition, a rotary tool can get jobs done at a quick speed.

A rotary tool can fit several attachments, including the following.

A sanding drum

If you need to do sanding, attaching a sanding drum to your rotary tool will give you a great way of completing sanding and carving projects. It is essential to keep your rotary setting at medium speed when sanding objects to avoid damaging the wood or your rotary tool.

Carbide bits

Carbide bits are ideal for carving or edging.

A polishing or buffing part

If you want to polish a metal surface, a polishing or buffing bit will do the trick. But, first, add some wax to the surface and use the rotary tool at a medium-speed setting.

A wire wheel

If you would like to remove rust from metal, you can use a wire wheel on your rotary tool. You can use this at a high-speed setting.

A sharpening wheel

You can easily sharpen your knives, blades, and shears with a sharpening wheel. You can use a high-speed setting, but take care when using a sharpening wheel since it could cause sparks.

Metal cutting wheels

You can attach a carbine-metal cutting wheel to your rotary tool if you want to cut through metal. It is recommended that you use cutting oil and work at a medium speed. The cutting oil will prevent the temperature from going too high.

7 Great Uses For Your Rotary Tool

Metal projects that require grinding

If you attach a grinding part, it is easy to create or eliminate sharp edges with your rotary tool.

Projects that require cutting

You can tackle large and small projects that require cutting work with your rotary tool. In fact, a rotary tool gives you a wide selection of cutting options. You can easily cut light materials such as drywall or wood by attaching a straight bit to your rotary tool. If you plan on trimming plastic or metal, you can use a cutting wheel. If you need to do fine cuts, you can attach a carbide burr to your rotary tool.

Engraving tile with rotary multi tool

Carving projects

If you would like to carve metal, wood, or even your Halloween pumpkins, you can use your rotary tool to make perfect carvings and engravings on your projects.

Projects that include glasswork

You can cut and engrave glass with your rotary tool. However, you need a special attachment called a diamond point wheel to do this. By attempting to work with glass with regular attachments, you run the risk of the glass breaking and injuring you.

Projects that require some drilling

There are many attachments for drilling and routing available today that allow you to take on most projects that require drill work. However, it is recommended that you stick with light material projects when using your rotary tool. For example, your rotary tool is perfect for drilling if you are working with wood, plastic, drywall, or gypsum boards. However, you might be better off using a drill tool for working with metal or hardwood.

Sanding projects

You can achieve incredible results by using your rotary tool for projects that require some sanding. Your rotary wheel is easy to handle, making it ideal for fine detail sanding. By choosing a sanding attachment that fits your project, you can complete it easily. Sanding attachments include disks, bands, abrasive buffs, or flap wheels.

Projects that require some cleaning or polishing

You can polish a great variety of objects, including Jewelry organizers that has lost its shine, old devices, or old metal pieces. By attaching a polishing attachment like a wire brush, a polishing wheel, or a polishing point, you can get great results with the help of a bit of wax.


A rotary tool is an excellent addition to your selection of power tools because it offers such incredible versatility. By grabbing your rotary tool, you will be able to add finishing touches to your projects or bring old metal furnishings back to life. In addition, since your rotary tool is compact, it is perfect for projects away from home. It is the perfect tool to expand your creativity.

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