4 Fantastic DIY Tool Organizers

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Tools can be an investment, and if you’ve bought quality tools, there’s no reason that they can’t last a lifetime.

However, tools can also deal with a lot of mess, impacts, and disorganization that makes them not only harder to find and use, but may reduce their durability.

Taking proper care of your tools, and getting the best return on your investment, means keeping them organized and in the right place.

Here are some great DIY tool organizers for every garage or workshop.

DIY Tool Organizers

1. DIY Magnetic Hand Tool Organizer

Magnetic storage is fast becoming a staple in the kitchen, and it’s a great solution in the tool shed as well.

Most of our standard hand tools are magnetic, and many items can be stored in magnetic containers. To make a DIY magnetic tool organizer, follow these steps:

  1. Get a bar magnet. You can get a bar magnet, and make brackets to hang it. You can also choose an already made magnetic bar, or individual magnets.
  2. Hang the magnetic bar. A bar magnet can be hung on a wall, or under cabinets, or attached to a peg board.
  3. Attach your tools. Most small hand tools will easily remain suspended when hung down from a bar magnet mounted below a cabinet. You may also want to use magnetic hooks for more options.

Tip: You can also use small baby food jars or spice jars to store loose items like nails and screws, and hang these jars from a magnet bar.

A magnetic bar is a great way to organize hand tools because they remain so accessible and so easy to put away.

Instead of opening drawers or boxes, or fussing with lids and containers, the magnet will simply snap them into place, even when they are under counters or cabinets. This system helps to ensure that items get put away after use.

2. DIY Tool Organizer Pegboard Book

Pegboard is a great way to keep almost anything organized, because it’s such a versatile way to hang oddly-shaped items.

But making a pegboard “book” allows you to store a wide range of tools and workshop items in a compact space, while keeping everything visible and accessible. To make a pegboard tool organizer, you will need:

  • Pegboard panels
  • 1×2”s
  • 2×4”s
  • Scrap wood
  • Screws
  • Hinges
  • A Saw
  • A screwdriver
  • You may also need a stud finder and other miscellaneous tools

To make this DIY Pegboard Book Tool Organizer, follow these steps:

  1. Determine how large your pegboard “pages” will be. Cut the pegboard to size, with two pegboard panels for each page.
  2. Build each “page” by building a square frame the size of the page out of 1x2s.
  3. Screw pegboard to the outside of the 1×2 frame, covering both sides, so you have two sheets of pegboard with a space between them for each page.
  4. Measure and mount two 2x4s horizontally to the wall. Allow about one foot of 2×4 for each “page” of pegboard (so you will need two 3 foot lengths of 2×4 to for three pegboard pages). Place one board at the top edge of your pages, and the other board at the bottom edge of your pages. Make sure the 2x4s are attached to your wall studs and can hold some weight.
  5. Measure where you will place each hinge. Attach a piece of scrap wood about 1/2” thick to the 2x4s for every hinge, to help the pages turn more easily.
  6. Use heavy duty hinges to attach every page to the 2x4s at the top and bottom.
  7. Optional: attach drawer knobs or pulls to the outside of every page to make them easier to handle.
  8. Hang your tools from both sides of the pegboard pages, and keep them organized and accessible while maximizing your storage space.

This is a simple and affordable DIY, that is so much more versatile than a traditional pegboard wall. The pages allow you to store more items, and keep them more organized, while keeping everything handy, visible, and accessible.

DIY Tool Organizers

3. DIY Cordless Tool Storage and Charging Station

Have you ever wanted a simple way to keep cordless tools organized and charged? This DIY is a great project that lets you keep your tools and batteries in one spot, and charge them at the same time.

You will need to locate this wall-hanging tool organizer near a power outlet, so plan ahead to make sure you are in reach of a power cord and have wall studs to hang it from.

You will need:

  • 3/4” plywood
  • A heavy duty surge protector/power strip
  • Screws
  • A drill
  • A saw or plywood cut to size
  • You will need to make tool hanging brackets, or buy existing utility hooks

To make a DIY cordless tool organizer and charging station, follow these steps:

  1. Measure and determine how large you want your tool organizer to be. You will need to allow:
  2. 2-3 inches over the top shelf for your power strip and chargers
  3. Enough space above the second shelf for extra batteries or any other small items you want to store
  4. Enough space below the second shelf to hang your tools
  5. If your design is very wide, consider adding a center bracket for additional shelf support
  6. Once you have determined how large to make your tool organizer, cut a sheet of plywood to that size.
  7. Cut two pieces of plywood to act as your shelves.
  8. Cut plywood triangular brackets to support the shelves.
  9. Lay down your backing piece and place your power strip on the top center of the plywood. Measure where you will place the power strip.
  10. Cut out a void in the top center of your plywood base to receive the power strip. If necessary, drill or route a channel for the cord.
  11. Using your triangular brackets, attach both shelves.
  12. Place the power strip and secure it in place.
  13. Hang tool hooks from the bottom of the plywood base.
  14. Attach your tool organizer and charging station securely to the wall, making sure you are hanging it from a stud.
  15. Plug it in.

This is a particularly good DIY for people who use multiple tool charging systems, because it allows you to keep multiple battery packs charged, and match tools to batteries at a glance.

It also makes using your cordless tools and putting them away incredibly fast and easy.

4. DIY Tool Organizers with PVC Pipe

PVC is a rugged, durable material, and the wide range of diameters makes it a great way to organize everything from your smallest pair of scissors to large garden tools like rakes and shovels. It’s also affordable and simple to work with. Here are some great ways to organize tools with PVC pipe:

  • Cut tubes of PVC pipe and attach them to a flat base, using them to hold pens, pencils, drill bits, and other small items
  • Cut loops of PVC pipe and attach them to a wall. Use them to hang pliers, scissors, hammers and other hand tools by threading the handle through the loop
  • Drill a row of holes straight through both sides of a length of PVC pipe and mount it horizontally to a wall. Use the row of holes to hold and organize screwdrivers, paintbrushes, and similar items that are wider at the top
  • Cut long sections of large PVC pipe and mount them horizontally to wall of a shed or the back of the garage door. Place garden tools like shovels, rakes, brooms, and hoes horizontally in the pipe, holding them in place
  • Cut wide channels in the bottom of lengths of PVC pipe. Mount them to the underside of a cabinet or shelf, and use them to store power tools 
  • Mount lengths of PVC pipe onto a board, and make a rack for easy storage of caulk, construction adhesive, glues, and other items that come in tubes
  • Mount PVC pipe between exposed ceiling beams or joists, and use it to hang clamps

And don’t forget that it’s incredibly easy to attach PVC pipes together, with a wide range of joints, so you can use it to make racks, frames, and other structures to keep your tools, and your life, tidy and organized.

While you can always cut PVC with a hand saw, that method requires a lot of cleanup and leaves your pipe edges with a lot of burrs. A PVC pipe cutter is the faster and easier way to create clean cuts in PVC.


Keeping your tools organized is the first step to keeping your projects organized. Building your own tool organization system helps ensure that you have the perfect storage for your needs, and that you’re taking care of your tools.

And with so many great ways to organize every kind of tool, you can keep your garage, toolshed, or workshop in great shape in no time.

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