8 DIY Crafts for Home Decor

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There are so many fun crafts that can enhance your home and express your creativity and your personality. There is practically no part of your house that can’t be improved with some ingenuity, and these craft projects are simple, affordable, and fun.

Here are some of the best DIY crafts for home decor

DIY Home Decor Lighting Crafts

1. DIY Feather Pendant Light

If you have a basic paper globe light, you can dress it up into designer décor that gives your home a fun and festive touch. This feather pendant light is a wonderful home accent, and couldn’t be simpler to do.

All you need is a rice paper lantern, feather trim, and a hot glue gun. Hot glue the feather trim to the paper globe, in rows about two inches apart (depending on the size of your light).

It’s a great way to dress up a light fixture and make a statement in any room.

2. DIY Pendant Lampshades

If you have pendant lights, and want to dress them up or personalize the shades, it’s actually fast and easy to do this DIY pendant shade upgrade.

If you don’t have pendant lights, basic pendant lamp kits are extremely affordable.

Then you can use an affordable metal mesh fruit bowl, cut a hole in the bottom with tin snips, and use it as a lampshade, to add a fashionable, upscale look.

DIY Wall Decor Crafts

3. DIY Tassel Wall Hanging

This tassel wall hanging has a clean, modern, contemporary style that is so much faster and easier than macrame. It’s a charming way to use your walls to express your style and add a pop of color.

To make this craft for home wall décor, you will need a wood dowel, wood beads, and yarn. If you don’t have a drill to place small holes the length of your wood dowel, you can instead use small eye hooks to hang your tassels.

  1. Before you begin, paint your dowel and beads (optional), then use the yarn to make tassels.
  2. Make the tassels by wrapping your yarn repeatedly around an object that is the approximate size of your tassels (a small book is a good choice).
  3. Once you have wrapped the yarn, tie a knot in the center of one side, and cut the other.
  4. Wrap a length of yarn around the top of the bundle to make a tassel shape. Choose lengths of yarn and attach them to the dowel, then thread wood beads on the yarn, tying knots to hold the beads in place, and then hang tassels from the end.

This is also a kid-friendly project, and a fun way to decorate a dorm room on a budget.

4. DIY Rope Star Mirror Wall Decor

This DIY wall décor project is a great way to make a dramatic statement, with a high-style look on a budget.

All you need is a round mirror, some jute twine (or choose metallic twine) for a more contemporary look), small nails, and some painter’s tape, a yardstick, and a pencil for layout. To make this craft:

  1. Place your round mirror against the wall and trace a circle around it.
  2. Then put the mirror aside, and mark the center of the circle. Using straight lines through the center, divide the circle into 16 segments, like a pizza.
  3. Use tape to label every point where your lines meet the circle – the top center line should be #1, then proceed clockwise to label every point up to #16.
  4. Using a yardstick, measure and mark 16 inches in a straight line from point #1, then 12 inches from point #2.
  5. Continue to measure and mark points away from the center circle the wall, with 16 inches for all your odd points, and 12 inches for all the even points.
  6. Use painter’s tape to make small labels for each of these points as well, starting with #17 above #1, and proceeding clockwise around the circle up to #32.
  7. Hammer nails into all your numbered points.
  8. Tie the end of your twine around nail #25, and begin wrapping twine around the nails, going from 25 to 11, 29, 15, 17, 3, 21, 7 and back to 25, where you tie off the twine.
  9. Then move to nail 26 and make the same pattern, from 12, 30, 16, 18, 4, 22, 8, and back to 26.
  10. Repeat this wrapping pattern for points 27 and 28.
  11. Then, starting with nail 25, wrap the twine to 9, 26, 10, 27, and 11, alternating inner and outer nails until you complete the circle back at #25.
  12. Then wrap the twine around all the inner nails, making a circle. Hang the mirror in the center of this stunning star pattern.

DIY Table Decor Crafts

5. DIY Hand Dyed Napkins

Hand dying your table napkins and linens is a simple and affordable craft project, and it allows you to make your napkins and place settings completely individual and unique.

There are many techniques for hand-dying fabric, but they all require natural cotton linens.

To make a beautiful ombre watercolor look:

  1. Soak your napkins in water, wring them out, then lay them flat on a surface.
  2. Brush fabric paint onto the fabric, gradually adding a few drops of water at a time to your paint, so that the color becomes gradually more diluted.
  3. Allow the napkins to dry, then iron them to set the color.

This is a fun and easy project, and a great way to make affordable seasonal or special occasion table settings.

DIY Crafts for Home Decor

6. DIY Tabletop Candle Lampshades

This simple DIY is a fantastic way to dress up your table for a special occasion, and it’s so fast and easy. For this project, you need to place LED tea lights in wine glasses along the table, and then make pretty lampshades, turning every glass into an attractive little lamp.

To make the lampshades, download a printable lampshade template, and choose your favorite scrapbook or crafting paper. Cut out the shades and secure them with double-stick tape. It’s a great way to add a touch of light and color to your table.

DIY Indoor Gardening Crafts

7. DIY Succulent Planters

Succulents are finally enjoying their moment in the sun, because these delicate little plants are low maintenance and add a cheery touch nearly anywhere.

This project lets you make your own beautiful little succulent planters, and even personalize them with your own color palette. This project requires plaster of Paris, powdered tempera paint, matte sealing medium, and a silicone shot glass mold. Remember that, once you use a mold for crafts, it can never be used for food afterward.

  1. Mix the plaster of Paris according to the instructions, adding tempera paint to the mix. The more powdered paint you add, the more vibrant your colors will be.
  2. Then add the plaster to the mold, tapping gently to remove any air bubbles.
  3. Allow the planters to dry in the mold, then remove them and seal them with a medium.
  4. Once they are completely dry, you can add your soil and succulents to these adorable little planters.

8. DIY Himmeli Hanging Planter

Traditional Finnish Himmeli ornaments are incredibly popular right now, and this hanging planter is the height of fashion. While it’s designed to be a planter, you could also use it as a hanging basket to display all kinds of home décor.

To make your own Himmeli planter, you will need your own plant pot, brass wire, 1/8” brass tubing, and a small pipe cutter.

The cut edges will be sharp, so wear work gloves, and sand the cut ends of each tube, and pliers will probably make this project easier.

To make the planter:

  1. Cut 3 pieces of brass tubing that will form a triangle slightly smaller than the size of your planter, to support the weight.
  2. Then cut 6 more pieces of tubing that are ½ to 1 inch longer than your initial triangle pieces.
  3. Then cut 3 more pieces, long enough to form a high peak above the planter.
  4. Using the brass wire, thread it through the 3 short pieces, and wrap the wire to form a triangle. Thread two medium-sized brass pieces onto the wire, and then join both ends of the wire to two points of your small triangle, forming a second triangle off of the first.
  5. Do the same for all three sides of the small triangle, so that you have a longer triangle coming off of all three sides.
  6. Then attach the long pieces to the points of your three larger triangle, and attach the long pieces together to form a point.
  7. Twist the wire at the peak for make a loop for hanging.

This project is so fun and easy, and is incredibly versatile. You may want to make several hangers and group them together.


These DIY crafts for home décor will allow you to update, personalize, and decorate your home in so many ways. It’s a great way to explore your creative side and express your personality, and it couldn’t be easier.

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