Best Brad Nailer – Complete Reviews with Comparison

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For those DIY carpenters or any carpenter really, it is essential to have the right tools in their toolbox. One of these tools may very well be a brad nailer, which is used in trim work because of its size and ability to maintain the trim’s integrity. There are a ton of great options on the market, and below are some reviews of the best brad nailers on the market today.

Brad Nailer Reviews

DEWALT Finish Nailer Kit

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DEWALT has been bringing high-quality and performing tools to the market for decades, and this finisher nail kit is no exception. From the maintenance-free motor to the depth of drive system, this nail kit is designed to be a carpenter’s best friend. This nailer is crafted to drive 18 gauge nails from between 5/8″ to 2″. When a carpenter or handyman (or woman) invests in this kit, they receive not only the nailer itself but the carrying case and operator’s manual.

The features, of course, are what really sets this nailer apart from a lot of its competitors. Starting with the rear exhaust that has been carefully designed to offer no contamination whatsoever. This means that not only will the site be cleaner, but the worker using the tool won’t have to inhale those nasty dust particles and fumes.

Comfort is also a word that could be used with this finisher kit. From the adjustability of the belt hook to the super comfortable rubber grip, the person using this tool will be able to work without suffering from hand fatigue. The rubber grip also offers a sense of security, knowing that the tool has a reduced chance of slipping from your hands. Lastly, though the nailer is built to be anti-jam, DEWALT still felt it was important to include a jam release mechanism for heightened security.

Though there are a lot of amazing things about this kit, it does have a few issues that should be addressed. The biggest of these by far is the fact that many people feel that the trigger isn’t always up to par. Several have had issues with the trigger not working at all. Along those lines, there have been some that have had a problem with the nailer just stopping shooting in mid-project for no reason.


  • Designed with no rear exhaust, so no contamination
  • Crafted with a comfortable and well-designed rubber grip for better control
  • Unit is built with a jam release mechanism
  • The belt hook is adjustable for better accessibility


  • Some have found that the trigger does not work well all the time
  • Issues with the nailer stopping suddenly

BOSTITCH Brad Nailer Kit

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This brad nailer from BOSTITCH was built around the Smart Point Technology system. This means that it is an electric nailer that helps the user place nails much easier. Using this system gives the model a unique design when it comes to this company as the nose is much shorter than their other models. When it comes to performance, the unit is designed to drive 18 gauge nails from 5/8″ to 2 1/8″ in length. It is also designed using an oilless operation, which will lead to fewer messes to clean up after use.

All that is just the tip of the iceberg, though. There are so many other great features that have helped land this model on a list of the best brad nailers. For starters, the unit is crafted with a pretty unique trigger system. It is a selectable design, so you can choose between sequential or contact operations. Speaking of the trigger, it is also crafted with a locking system so that when the nailer is not in use, there is no chance of it going off when being bumped.

When a person is working on trim or delicate projects, they want to be able to move with the project. That is why the designers of this model felt it was imperative to include swivel air filters. The inclusion of these allows for better mobility when in the flow and, in the end, better results. As an added bonus, the unit has a built-in pencil sharpener. That helps save time and makes the projects more efficient as a carpenter always needs a nice sharp pencil to mark measurements.

That being said, this brad nailer is not perfect. The straight design of the magazine system means that a carpenter may find small spots challenging to get into. Also, the unit is not outfitted with a nail count indicator which could be pretty frustrating. Especially if you run out of nails mid-section.


  • Nailer is designed with a selectable trigger system
  • Built-in trigger locking system for improved safety
  • Crafted with swivel air fittings for better movability
  • Comes with a pencil sharpener built into the unit for more versatility of use


  • The frame is designed in a straight magazine model, which may be bad for small spaces
  • Not designed with a nail count indicator

WEN 61721

41MB8jWnISS. SL500

This next brad nailer is a pneumatic model that is crafted to be able to handle 18 gauge nails from 3/8″ to 2″ in length. The unit operates between 60 to 115 PSI through a ¼” NPT air inlet fitting. This gives it a quick and easy setup when hooking it up to a compressor. The unit is, of course, finished off by the magazine, which is spring-loaded, which only makes the use of the tool even simpler and faster. Compact in the frame, the unit only weighs about 2 lbs, which makes it a pretty lightweight option for most handymen and women.

Now let’s talk about all the great features that make this such a value proposition. The unit is crafted with a depth adjustment wheel. All the person using this tool has to do is turn a wheel and the nail will be fired to meet their depth preferences. On top of that, the nailer is crafted with an exhaust port that can be adjusted for the user’s comfort. The pneumatic air released when in use could cause problems, so being able to direct it away from the user’s face or project is pretty handy.

One of the most frustrating things on a project is when nails jam and time has to be taken to remove them. That is why the inclusion of the hassle-free nose latch is so brilliant. With this design feature, cleaning those jams are not only easy but quick so the project can stay on track. Plus, the spring-loaded magazine that comes with the unit can hold 106 nails which is quite the capacity for such a compact model.

The fact this model is a pneumatic design is nice, but unfortunately, one of the biggest faults has to do with this as well. When a tool is pneumatic, it hooks up to the compressor via an air hose. But this unit does not come with one, which means there will have to be extra cash expenditures to get it up and running. On a lesser note, the unit is only designed to handle nails up to 2″. If the handyman or woman is working on a project that requires longer nails, this may not be their best choice.


  • Crafted with a depth wheel adjustment for more versatility
  • Unit is designed with an adjustable exhaust port
  • The model uses a nose latch that makes operation simple and reduces jams
  • Magazine of this brad nailer can hold 106 nails


  • Unit is not outfitted with an air hose
  • Not able to be used with nails longer than 2″ long

Makita AF506

418Q1dAI2aL. SL500

This compact, lightweight model from Makita certainly packs a lot into a small frame. The unit is crafted with a combination of plastic and high-grade aluminum. Using aluminum in the magazine and cylinder allows the weight to be kept down. In fact, this model weighs less than 3 lbs. When it comes to the unit’s internal workings, it is powered by a motor that can drive 18 gauge nails ranging from 5/8″ to 2″. This modern styled nailer is perfect for any project as it can be used on both hard and softwoods.

The overall design of this nailer is crafted with several features that just make it a great option for many handymen and women. This, of course, starts with the ultra-narrow nose. Using this feature has given this nailer the ability to be able to elevate the precision. That nose also provides this unit with the ability to be able to maneuver in small areas. Another great feature is the built-in air duster. Not only does this air duster allow the worker to be able to keep their workspace clean, but it also creates a very nice airflow.

Basically, the best thing about this model is its design. This starts with the use of high-quality aluminum and the fact it gives the unit its lightweight benefit. The aluminum, though, makes it durable as well, so the worker will get more use out of the nailer. Its basic frame is crafted to be comfortable to be used as well.

However, the nailer has a few issues that could cause some to rethink investing in the model. The unit does require a bit of consistent maintenance. In fact, before and after each use, there will have to be oil applied to ensure it works properly. Along with that, the unit is a little bit pricier than other models. For those working with a limited budget, that could play a factor in their decision-making process.


  • Nailer is designed with an ultra-narrow nose for better precision
  • Crafted with a built-in air duster which allows for a cleaner workspace
  • Built using high-quality aluminum, giving it increased durability
  • The overall design is ergonomic and lightweight


  • Some may find the nailer a bit on the pricey side
  • Will need consistent oiling both before and after use

PORTER-CABLE Cordless Brad Nailer

41YeNdgMU+S. SL500

Finding a tool that doesn’t require any extra money expenditure can be a big win for anyone. That is why this cordless nailer is such a good choice, although you will have to buy the charger and battery separately (unless you buy it in a kit). The nailer is crafted with lightweight material and in a way that gives it the best center of gravity possible. But the use of this material helps with durability as well. The unit is also designed with dual LED lights that can be used for extra illumination of the workspace.

This brad nailer is cordless, and that is maybe the best feature for most people. This is because not having to have all the extra hardware will mean the unit is more portable. Cordless gives the user more versatility of use, and that can never be bad. The unit also uses a high-quality motor that helps improve precision so that the user of this nailer has better final results.

When dealing with any type of cordless appliance, the biggest question most have is about the battery life. With this model, there is no concern because this battery has a great lifespan. There is no need to worry about running out of juice mid-project (as long as it’s not a super long project). The truth is that every feature built into this nailer is designed to make sure the productivity is elevated to new heights.

Even with all those great features, there are still some issues. The most profound problem many find with this nailer is that it is not really designed for bulky and long projects. This nailer is excellent for small projects, which could be seen as something that detracts from the unit’s versatility. Also, there have been some that have had issues with the nailer misfiring occasionally.


  • The cordless feature means you don’t need a compressor
  • Offers consistent driving depth for better precision
  • Comes with features that help improve the nailer’s productivity
  • The unit has a long-lasting battery life


  • Nailer is only good for lighter projects
  • Some have had issues with unit misfiring

Final Thoughts

So for those carpenters that are looking for a good brad nailer, these are some of the best on the market today.

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